Craniosacral is the subtle act of manipulating bones in the skull and vertebra, leaving more space for cerebrospinal fluid to flow, which delivers vital oxygen and nutrients to your brain. Five grams of pressure is applied to the body's natural cranial rhythm, allowing subtle release. This energy work has the benefit of allowing your subconscious mind to be more connected with your conscious process, which brings awareness to the body's subtle tensions, allowing for a unique healing experience. In this modality, clients usually dress in comfortable clothing and have most of the work done face up.

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue focuses on releasing tension from specific muscles which cause muscular compensation patterns resulting in chronic pain. To get to some of the deep muscles responsible for painful compensation patterns many layers of tissue must be consecutively released. Since the body doesn't always give up old patterns very easily this modality his gotten a reputation of being intense but the rewards well worth. Much of the discomfort caused from deep work can be overcome with plenty of time. It is not uncommon to work on one shoulder for 30 minutes to reach every muscle responsible for daily movements. Because of this it is recommended, more than any other modality, to book an hour and a half to give the body plenty of time to relax properly through the process.

Hot Stone

Hot Stone utilizes the grounding properties to mother Earth herself to deliver directed heat to the body warming up the base compound in muscles allowing a softening to occur. Soft flat river stones are selected and heated to temperatures from 111-125 degrees and worked into a traditional Swedish massage.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is gentle stretches held from 2-5 minutes, skin rolling, and other integumentary techniques used to release restrictions in connective tissue called fascia. Sheets of connective tissue run throughout the body which creates one cohesive structure giving us the ability to move. Restrictions in fascia impair smooth movements and can cause muscle groups to pull against one another causing pain and fatigue. Myofascial release is also used to reorganize scar tissue leaving a smoother feel and appearance to skin.

No Technique

When asked what the highest technique is, Bruce Lee reminds us that No Technique is the highest technique. I bring keen intuition and a present, curious mind to your session and let your body guide me to where it needs attention. Not being attached to a modality allows for a unique massage experience every time you come in.

Propreoceptive Neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)

PNF is gentle resistance added to stretches to quickly get the muscles to lengthen for greater mobility and range of motion. When one muscle is given the signal from the brain to contract there is another signal sent at the same time for the antagonist muscle to relax. PNF takes advantage of the relaxation which can be seamlessly added to any other session to work muscles in a variety of ways.


Shiatsu is traditionally practiced on the floor with the receiver clothed in comfortable, flexible clothing, similar to yoga wear. This Eastern technique focuses on meridian* stretches and pressure points to relieve overall tension and to treat specific ailments. A shiatsu session is heavily based on specific point compression and holding stretches, allowing the body to find a clearer balance and energy flow.

*(Meridians are energy lines running throughout the body which are connected to internal organs.)


Swedish includes gentle rocking, stretching, compressions, and a variety of flowing strokes over broad muscle groups, utilizing oil or lotion. The goal for a Swedish session is to put the body in a state of ease and allow the muscles to relax on a neurological level. In the natural relaxed state, the body is given the opportunity to reset neurological pathways which allows your body to be in a more relaxed state in your daily living.


Watsu® is aquatic body work which utilizes some of the concepts of Shiatsu and gentle resistance of water to assist stretches. Cradled in the arms of the practitioner your tensions are offered to the water creating an interesting dialog between gentle body movements and the fluid of life. Watsu® pools are generally between 96-100 degrees making a perfect pool hard to come by in some areas. Watsu® was founded at Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, CA and is now practiced and taught world wide with new pools popping up everywhere aquatic bodywork is practiced.

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